Invitation 100 Years Ago Has Borne Fruit

Vic Kinnunen

The Rev. Vic Kinnunen doing some inviting

On occasion I am asked if I have always been an Episcopalian.

Having been baptized as an infant at Christ Episcopal Church in Meadville in 1936, and having been confirmed there in 1948 by Bishop Sawyer, I guess you could say I have always been an Episcopalian.

But what about my parents? My Father was raised in the Finnish Lutheran Church and my mother was raised in the Presbyterian Church. So how did I end up in the Episcopal Church?

When my mother was about 11 or 12 years old, her girlfriend, Dorothy, invited her to come to church with her at Christ Episcopal Church, and my mother stayed, was confirmed and married there, and had her 3 children baptized and confirmed there.

I am able to be an Episcopalian priest in 2015 because my mother’s friend invited her to attend the Episcopal church – about 100 years ago!

Have you invited a friend, or a neighbor, or co-worker, or even a family member to join you at church some Sunday? Who knows what this might mean 75 or 100 years from now? Think about it. Pray about it.

The Rev. Victor J. Kinnunen, Christ Church, Oil City, PA


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The Vine is a community for youth in 6th-12th grade and a collaborative ministry of the Episcopal churches in Erie County. The Vine will meet twice a month for dinner, conversation, activities, and prayer. Service, outreach, and mission will also be incorporated during the year, as well as overnights and social events.

A theme has been set in place to focus our conversations and purpose. This year The Vine will focus on the theme of community. During the fall, we will look at the communities of the church and our role in them. In the spring, we will explore the communities that we are a part of outside the church and our role in them. We will also begin preparing for our summer missions.

Plans are underway for two mission opportunities during the summer of 2015. Middle School students, those in 6th-8th grade, will have the opportunity to do local mission work within our diocese or in a neighboring diocese. High School students, those in 9th-12th grade, will have the opportunity to do domestic mission work in another diocese. Currently, we are exploring mission opportunities in Boston, MA. More information will be available at a later date. In order to take part in our summer missions, students must attend at least half of The Vine meetings throughout the year. As we move forward, meetings will incorporate preparation for these missions.

The Vine is meant to be a safe and loving community for all youth. We ask that all our members be respectful toward one another. Bullying, harassment, and violent behavior toward any member of The Vine will not be tolerated. We also ask that youth bring their whole selves to each Vine meeting and event. Come prepared to worship, learn, and engage in the activities planned for the evening or the event. Come prepared to develop and strengthen your relationship with others and with God.

For more information and to see a schedule of Vine events, click here.

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