Living the Way of Love

In the fall of 2018, I did a sermon series at Resurrection Church Called “The Way of Love: Practice for a Jesus-Centered Life.”  The series was based on Presiding Bishop Curry’s invitation to the Episcopal Church to explore various practices each day that would help us live a life of love as Jesus taught.  During that time, we also used the study for the basis of our “Food and Faith” conversation- a monthly gathering that takes place at the Panera Bread in Hermitage.

As part of the invitation to live the way of love, Bishop Curry used seven words and seven Scripture passages as the basis for the “Way of Love.”  The words are Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest and Turn. Each one when lived out and practiced in daily life could help us live a life modeled on Jesus and embody the love that he brought to this world through his life, death and resurrection.

Each week during the sermon series, we looked at each word and a Scripture passage that connected with that word.  We asked the questions, how does the world connect us to God’s love and if lived out how can this practice help us live as Jesus lived and love as Jesus loves us?  I found the sermon series to be very powerful and practical. As we got further into the series, I saw my own life and the life of Resurrection Church being shaped by these words and by the daily practice that drew us closer to God’s love. The practical takeaways were amazing.

The more we learn about Jesus’ life the more we can live like him.  The stronger our prayer lives become, the more we can be filled with God’s love and in turn love others. As we turn away from our own sin, we can turn toward the life God has called us to live and to be an example of his love in the communities we live and work.

For those who are interested in trying out the way of love, I first recommend checking out “The Way of Love” material at the Episcopal Church website:

The site gives great information about the Way of Love and resources you can use to read, experience and live the practices each day.  What I encouraged Resurrection Church to do is to think about that week’s word each day and to read the Scripture passage throughout the week.  Let it become part of your devotional time or your daily prayer life. What does each appointed word mean for you in your life? How can that word draw you closer to God in a way that connects you to the love of God?  How can those words be turned into daily and weekly practices that help you experience God’s love and then live out that love in your community?

Give “The Way of Love” a try and see how the practices change your life and how God’s love becomes more real each and every day.

As Bishop Curry is famous for saying, “If it’s not about love, it’s not about God!”

The Rev. Jason Shank is the priest of Resurrection Church in Hermitage. 

Resurrection Church Has A Home!

A lot has happened in the last few months! After much discernment and prayer, we as a launch team (in consultation with Bishop Sean and our Church Planting Coach Jim Griffith), decided that Resurrection Church would be planted in the former Church of the Redeemer building.  We felt that having a location would allow us to connect with the community and would give us a place to worship on a regular basis.  In order to get the building ready there was a lot of work we had to do.  We’ve spent the summer renovating the building and getting it ready for worship and to welcome new people into our new faith community.

Our hope and belief is that the creative and new things we are doing with the building will allow us to do new things, reach new people and give us our best chance to succeed.  We have spent the past year learning, praying and discerning what this new community of faith will be – the location was one of the unclear pieces of the puzzle.  We are grateful for the clarity we have received.

Here are some of the many things we have done so far: we installed a new parking lot, put up new vinyl siding, and re-painted the entrance and the large social hall.  We also took everything out of the sanctuary in order to install a new sound system, projector, new flooring and padded chairs, and installed a new sign out front.  Much of the work has already been completed, but there is more work to be done!  Look for more updates soon and please keep us in prayer as we continue the work of planting Resurrection Church-An Episcopal Congregation!

The Rev. Jason Shank is overseeing Resurrection Church, our church plant in Hermitage.

God Is At Work in the Diocese of NWPA – A Letter of Greeting From Jason and The Rev. Erin Shank

734939_10100197008500734_2821844428937965238_nWe are so excited to be starting new ministries in the Diocese of NWPA! In our brief time here we have already explored parts of the Diocese and have been able to connect with some of the clergy and community. We are overwhelmed with the support which has been poured out to us. Since Erin is originally from this diocese we knew there would be some sense of familiarity but in many ways it already feels like home.

We can already see how God is working in the lives of the people of this Diocese and how great things are ahead. This past week we were in New Castle getting our PA drivers licenses and while we were there, multiple people asked us why we moved to PA. We told them about our vocation and the ministry that was ahead of us. Every person we talked to was so excited about new ministries coming to New Castle. They already knew about Trinity and could not wait to see what God would do in this next chapter of its story. God is moving in the Diocese of NWPA!

Similarly, the first week we moved here we were getting cable at the apartment. The technician who came out to install it was a young man. While he was working we engaged in conversation and he too asked what brought us to the area. We told him about our new ministries and a little about our work as pastors. He shared with us how he had lived in the Hermitage area his entire life but fell away from the church some time ago. Yet, he still sensed God’s presence in his life and knew the importance of church but he has never been able to connect with one. He was excited to hear about a new Episcopal church coming to Hermitage and the possibilities of being able to experience God and community in new ways. He gave me his information and told me to contact him when we get started. God is at work in the Diocese of NWPA!

Neither Erin nor I know exactly what our ministries will look like or what exactly God has planned but what we do know, is that our short time here has already given us a glimpse of life here in NWPA and we know that God is moving and that God is well and alive. We know that God is already at work in the life of the people and in the various communities found within this Diocese. Words cannot express how excited we are to be here and how we cannot wait to see everything God has in store for us, for this Diocese and for the life of every person that is touched by the work we will do with you together!

Jason Shank, Pastoral Leader of the Church Plant Hermitage, PA and The Rev. Erin Shank, Vicar at Trinity Church, New Castle, PA