Why is it “A Great Day in the Kingdom”? Share with us!

No matter the season or what goes on in our lives day to day, it’s always good to be reminded of God’s grace and presence in our lives. If you follow the Diocese on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen the Friday photos tagged with Bishop Sean’s phrase “It’s A Great Day In The Kingdom!” It’s a reminder as we end the work week that God’s kingdom truly is great, and the evidence of it is all around – in nature, in our homes, in our families, in the faces of the people we meet.


This month we’d like to see from your perspective. Snap or scan a picture that says to you “It’s A Great Day In The Kingdom,” and we’ll share them through the month of February.

Send photos to Megin (msewak@dionwpa.org), and be sure to add a little note to explain your choice of photo, as well as your name (written as you’d like it to be shared if your picture is used).

Look around, send in those photos, and check in throughout the month as DioNWPA shares why It’s A Great Day in the Kingdom!

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