It’s Time To Submit Your Questions For ‘Ask The Bishop’

The Diocese is getting ready to film the fourth installment of its video series called “Ask the Bishop.” We need your questions!  Please submit them by May 23, 2016.

Bishop Rowe Nov 2014-120wtUnfortunately, Bishop Sean cannot be with every member of the diocese all the time, but he would like to be able to answer questions you may have for him.  So, we are asking for questions from you that we will then film the bishop answering.  We can’t promise that he will be able to get to all the questions because of time constraints, however, please ask whatever is on your mind (for example: theology questions, anything about the diocese, the bishop’s views on current events, etc.).  We hope that both adults and kids will ask the bishop questions.  Please email questions to Julien with the subject line “Ask the Bishop.” Along with your question, please include your name, congregation, and, if you’re a kid, your age (only first names and congregations will be mentioned on the video).

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