Study Group In Middle English Mysticism

Middle English Mysticism

St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church (Edinboro, PA)

February 14, 21, and 28 at 12 noon

Dr. Deborah DuBartell will be leading a study group in Middle English mysticism. church-window-201786_1280Medieval mysticism of the Anglo-Norman period (12th-14th centuries) focused greatly on contemplation and writers of this (later called) “tradition” wrote various treatises in English, their native language, at a stage of English language development called Middle English. Writing about their mystical experiences, many mystics such as Richard Rolle, Julian of Norwich, Walter Hilton, and Margery Kempe contributed to a growing body of English literature along with other writers of the time period, for example Geoffrey Chaucer, who also chose to write in English rather than or in addition to French and Latin. The Middle English text for this study series will be The Cloud of Unknowing, in which the anonymous author explains that the goal of contemplation is the spiritual experience of union with God. The group will be reading a Modern English transliteration of the text.

St. Augustines is located at 427 W Plum St, Edinboro, Pennsylvania 16412.  Contact them at (814) 734-4116 for more information.  Visit their website at

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