‘The End of The Beginning’ Another Reflection From the Diocesan Mission Trip to Cristo Salvador

Today was the beginning of the end.. or the end of the beginning…
As we started our day at the breakfast table, we talked about the expectations we had when we arrived just a few days ago. We had so many questions about this country, the culture and the people. Now we had not only learned about the country and the people, but more about ourselves. We as a group were no longer strangers but now friends. The people we came to help, have given us a new understanding of God’s love. How had it gone so quickly?
As we headed to Cristo Salvador we knew it was our last chance to interact with the 85 or so children who came for lessons, games, crafts and snacks. Our last chance listen to Fr. Hipolito welcome the children and set the stage for a day of learning. Before we knew it we were pulling up to the church where many children were already waiting at the door. We were greeted with smiles, excitement and hugs!



The day went very quickly and before we knew it we were saying our goodbyes to the children with more hugs and smiles. We had lunch with all of the teachers and other wonderful people at Cristo Salvador and as always the food was fantastic (just in case no one has mentioned the food yet). Once again it was time to say more goodbyes. It was our last day of VBS, but it was only the beginning of our partnership with this incredible parish in the DR.
As we head back to Santo Domingo and prepare to come home I realize how much I miss my family. I am ready to come home and rest. I look forward to sharing my pictures and my stories. I can not wait to see what God has for us to do next. Or how this partnership will grow.Julie Westman
Church or Our Saviour DuBois, PA

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