Saying Goodbye to General Convention

July 3, 2015 — Day 9 — the last day of the 78th General Convention in Salt Lake City

Kaycee Reib (far left) with friends new and old

Kaycee Reib (far left) with friends new and old

The time has gone quickly because we have been so busy. Today brought a lot of emotions. It is sad to see it end and we are all a bit on the tired side. Up at 5:45 AM to get to a Certification of  Minutes Committee meeting at 7:15.
The committee has been a good one, being vice-chair has been fun, and 3 of us worked together before. We take notes through the legislative sessions and then meet the next AM early to go over the written minutes from the Secretariat (an awesome bunch, including our own Vanessa Butler). They do the work!!!! We worked quickly today because the Eucharist was at 8:30 AM and we didn’t want to miss it.

And what an exciting worship time it was! Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schorie was celebrant. President of the House of Deputies, the Rev. Gay Jennings, and Secretary of the HOD,  the Rev.Michael Barlowe participated as well. The Presiding Bishop Elect, the Right Rev. Michael Curry gave the sermon. WOW! We have certainly elected an evangelist to lead us during the next 9 years. He challenged us all to be active in The Jesus Movement, to remember that the first word in the Creat Commission is “Go”, and to get out of our churches and take Jesus into the world to bring healing and love into the hurting world we live in. I hope you will find a link to listen to Bishop Curry’s sermon if you missed it today! His inspiring sermon reminded us, “God loves you just the way you are… but He doesn’t intend to leave you that way.”

The legislative work was hectic. Work is much easier with our Virtual Binders, I-pads we were each given to use during convention, loaded with all we needed to know: seating charts and lists, worship services (different each day), the agendas, and all the legislative information… in English and in Spanish!!  By going paperless (almost) the convention saved over $100,000… and it worked close to perfectly.
With a 1 hr lunch break and a couple of short recesses, all of the work for convention was finished in the House of Deputies by shortly after 6 PM. We turned in our binders, electronic voting cards and chargers and said goodbye to old friends and new. The final Minutes meeting ended about 7:20.
Bishop Sean treated both the Dioceses of NWPA and Bethlehem to a lovely dinner….I believe Vanessa and Julien planned the menu choices. Yummy!… and now we are on our way home, some tonight, some tomorrow. We have lots to share and we are looking forward to being back with our home congregations.
Salt Lake City has been a beautiful, friendly, welcoming and gracious venue. Utah Night on Wednesday at the Mormon Tabernacle was quite a show….a variety of groups entertained with singing in Spanish and English, PowWow dances, Taiko drums, and then 220 members of the Tabernacle Choir accompanied by a great orchestra. The countryside looks beautiful although we haven’t had time to explore it. We even flew over snow capped mountains.
I had some new experiences at GC: I have been riding around on a scooter (what a blessing and a lot of fun too); and I had sushi for the fist time with Father Brian. I’m hooked!
I am truly grateful to represent our Diocese at GC. Thanks to all who made it possible. Bishop Sean was quoted yesterday by the President of the House yesterday. Can you guess? “It’s a great day in the Kingdom!” What more is there to say?

Kaycee Reib, Deputy  2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015

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