Update on the Mission to the Dominican Republic

Great news friends, we have ten folks from all across our diocese adventuring to the Dominican Republic this summer to help host a Vacation Bible School with our new partner congregation, Christo Salvador.Christo3 This Vacation Bible School kicks off our relationship with Christo Salvador. Rather than simply sending money and never meeting one another, folks from our diocese will work with the folks there, getting to know one another, learning from each other, and experiencing different ways of life. Additionally, the VBS will help Christo Salvador proclaim the good news to the youth and adults of their neighborhood. We are going to support them, hoping that what we do furthers their ministry in that community. But the VBS is only a small aspect of the overall partnership with Christo Salvador. The partnership focuses on helping Christo Salvador maintain and operate their preschool. Education for young children is lacking in the DR, but the earlier children begin school and the earlier parents begin to value education, the more opportunities open up for that child and his/her family. By partnering with Christo Salvador, we can assist them in changing the lives of countless children and their families. Our partnership looks like helping with construction and maintenance, which are constant challenges in the humid climate, and sponsoring children. It looks like folks from our PA neighborhoods going to their neighborhoods, and vice versa. We have much to learn from their way of life and the incredible revival of the Spirit happening across the Dominican Republic. There are many ways to participate in this exciting partnership:

  • Sponsor one of the ten team members to go on the trip
  • Make a donation
  • Contribute to the cost of airfare or lodging for the team
  • Contribute to the cost of paint, new doors, and new chairs for the church
  • Hold a fundraising dinner or yard sale to benefit the mission
  • As a congregation, sponsor one day of the VBS by picking and supplying the craft project that day and by paying for snack
  • Sponsor preschool children to attend Christo Salvador’s school

For more information, email Melinda Hall at vicarmelinda@gmail.com or send your contribution to the diocesan office; pleas note “Dominican Republic” on the memo line of any checks. You are part of this diocese! You are part of the mission! The team looks forward to how you will get involved in this excellent opportunity to change lives. Diocese of NWPA + Christo Salvador= A Great Partnership for the Kingdom The Rev. Melinda Hall, Vicar at Holy Trinity, Brockville and Church of Our Savior, DuBois

2 thoughts on “Update on the Mission to the Dominican Republic

  1. What has the support been like so far from the churches in our diocese? Almitra Clerkin, St. Mary’s, Lawrence Park/Erie


    • Thanks for asking! It has been a little mixed, but we are very blessed to have multiple congregations that have stepped up to sponsor the VBS- and we are especially grateful to St. Mary’s for the funds for the roof! Several other churches are doing fundraisers to support team members, which is so important. And, we can always use more support!


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