Lectures on Anglo-Saxon Christianity to be held at St. Augustine’s, Edinboro

Dr. Deborah DuBartell will be offering a series of lectures on Anglo-Saxon Christianity at St. Augustine’s church in Edinboro. The lectures will be on Sunday afternoons followed by Tea and light refreshments. If you ever wondered about the history of our faith in the British Isles, come and hear the story of our spiritual forefathers and mothers.DSCN0867 Dr. DuBartell is a Professor of Linguistics in the Department of English and Philosophy at Edinboro University.  She describes her lectures as focussing “… on 3 aspects of Anglo-Saxon Christianity over the 3 lectures–religious texts, historical persons, and culture and society. As Professor of Linguistics, I will speak from the historical linguistic point of view on the Old English language, symbolism, and themes of Anglo-Saxon religious writing.  For week 1, we will examine the types of writing produced during this period with a literary and linguistic focus on religious prose and poetry.  During week 2, we will discuss particular Anglo-Saxons (monks, martyrs, mystics, and saints) who were writers or subjects of writing, and some persons fall into both of those categories.  In the last lecture, we will consider particular aspects of Anglo-Saxon culture, revealed in literary texts and archaeological finds, that relate to the spread of Christianity throughout the land.  Participants will be able to see samples of Anglo-Saxon writing and hear Old English spoken.” See below for the schedule of talks: unnamed Week 1: Anglo-Saxon Religious Writings in Old English (February 22 from 3-4) The Dream of the Rood “The Fall of Man” (Genesis 3) “Satan’s Challenge” (Genesis B, lines 338-441) “The Drowning of Pharaoh’s Army” (Exodus, lines 447-564) “King Alfred’s Psalms” (Psalm 1, 12, 22) Themes: The Bible, Exhortations, the Revival of Learning, Pastoral Care Week 2: Anglo-Saxon Monks, Mystics, Martyrs, and Saints (March 1 from 3-4) Ælfwine’s Prayerbook Ecclesiastical History of the English People Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Themes: Edward the Confessor, Ælfric, Cædmon, St. Cuthbert, the Venerable Bede, St. Edmund, Ælgifu of Shaftesbury, St. Ætheldreda Week 3: The Anglo-Saxon World and the Appeal of Christianity (March 8 from 3-4) Deor The Wanderer The Seafarer Anglo-Saxon Chronicle The Anglo-Saxon Riddles Themes: Heroes, Lords, and Retainers; Voyages and Journeys; Sea, Land, and Sky; Fate For more information contact St. Augustine’s at (814) 734-4116

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